Stopping rabies in its tracks

RABIES in Nepal is a serious issue. Canine vaccination is a key constituent of any rabies elimination strategy, and according to World Health Organization guidelines, at least 70 per cent of dogs in an area must be covered. Regular revaccination is also needed as unprotected animals migrate into areas. There are several animal welfare organisations and societies in Nepal undertaking vaccination campaigns. However, there is no way of easily knowing who has vaccinated dogs, where and when.

Hence the Dog Data website was created to offer a more coordinated approach, with obvious benefits for Nepal’s human population. Launched by Jim Pearson of the Himalayan Animal Treatment Centre charity, it has been working in animal welfare in Nepal for 10 years, creating a central record of all vaccinations.

Pearson had previously made smartphone apps that record dog vaccinations and upload the data to a server, allowing the Dog Data site to

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