Saving Money on Medical Supplies

How to Save Money on Medical Supplies

The National Medicare program has actually been making healthcare much more budget friendly for elderly Americans since it was enacted in the 1960s. There’s a great deal that Medicare will not pay for, such as insurance deductibles, vision and oral treatments, as well as durable medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers.

“Products such as healthcare facility beds and mobility equipment such as walkers are extremely pricey and often not covered by most medical insurance companies,” states Kyle Stewart, of Goodwill Industries International.

The current Medicare policies state that the products purchased have to be regarded “clinically required” for your health, and must come with a physician’s personal recommendation. The program will not spend money to reimburse you for purchased products if they merely, make your life much comfier. The products purchased must be necessary for your health and well-being or required for the healing process after a procedure.

If you’re purchases sit in a governmental grey area but you still feel like you need to have your medical supplies in order to live comfortably, do not stress. Below are four proven methods for you to get the medical supplies you need at a discounted rate, even if the insurance company won’t help you. If you are looking for the Michigan lasik eye surgery clinic visit the Yaldo Eye Center today.


Used & Refurbished Medical Products

Refurbished medical equipment suppliers will often make a guarantee that every product they sell is completely sterilized and satisfies all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) safety and security demands for medical supplies and durable medical equipment.

When trying to purchase supplies from a refurbished equipment supplier, we recommended people call in advance to ask the supplier about the products they carry and what their rates may be on the products you are searching for. Your neighborhood medical supply store may be able to lend out medical equipment for a certain amount of time. If you are recovering for an injury for example and need a wheelchair or walker for a few weeks, renting out used medical equipment may be the best option for you or your loved one.

If you are looking for someone who will rent out medical equipment we recommend visiting a local medical supply store or physical therapy clinic that can point you to a local supplier. Finding a local medical equipment supplier who can rent out supplies can allow you to make use of brand new as well as used walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, and even electric hospital beds for post-surgical recovery. These medical supply companies bring new life to gently used medical supplies and are allowing people with tight budgets to access the equipment they need. Visit a medical supply store near you to learn more about locating refurbished equipment and medical supplies.


Online Marketplaces Such as Amazon

Have you ever bought a product online and were amazed at the dramatically low prices available and fast shipping? E-Commerce is changing the way we shop online and medical supplies is no exception. The online market place for medical supplies is growing rapidly and senior citizens, medical clinics, and more are taking advantage of it day after day. One of the most effective and cost efficient resources for finding brand-new, affordable medical supplies is to browse Ecommerce giants such as Amazon and eBay for medical supplies online.

By browsing online market places frequently, you are sure to come across some wonderful financial savings on medical supplies and durable medical equipment. Today there are several locations on the internet where sellers can offer their medical supplier to bargain shoppers and a quick google search can come up with many.

Be cautious: Make sure to purchase medical supplies from official looking stores. Do not be enticed to use illegitimate websites by following sales and coupons. When purchasing medical supplies, it’s important that your equipment be manufactured by an official brand and meet the highest standards requirements.


Online Medical Supply Stores.

The #1 place to find medical supplies for a cheap price without sacrificing quality is by purchasing your supplies from an online medical supply store. As the online medical supplies market has grown, so has the amount of private online medical supply stores.

Market places like Amazon and ebay are great but the issue with them is that you are often buying from other sellers. Whom would you trust more, an amazon seller or a big name online medical supply store? By purchasing medical supplies from a single website you can insure that all your products will come in one delivery from a single source, something you cannot say about purchasing on amazon.

Another thing that makes these online medical supplies superior to online marketplaces like Amazon is customer service. Try calling Amazon and telling them you purchased a wheelchair and it came damaged in the box. You will be redirected 40 times while a medical supply store will handle the situation immediately.

The cost savings are also much greater with an online medical supply store. Purchasing medical supplies from sites like can save you money when compared to online marketplaces, medical equipment suppliers, and even a local medical supply store. These online stores also offer broader product lines. Many brick and mortar stores carry up to 1,000 products while online stores have been noted to carry as much as 50,000 products. These products include everything from diabetic supplies and surgery gowns to shower gels and toilet seat handles.

Items we have seen people save a significant amount of money on an online medical supply store include wheelchairs, walkers, canes, diabetic supplies, CPAP supplies, gloves, oxygen masks, cleaning supplies, and even medical supplies for their office or clinic.


State and Federal Aid Programs

One last option for those looking to save on medical supplies is through government programs. In a lot of states, there exist medical aid programs run by not-for-profit companies. These companies may offer used and new medical equipment for a low cost (lower than online medical supplies) or even lend medical equipment out for free. These regional nonprofit organizations have strong engagement needs, yet if you fulfill these you may be able to obtain very low-priced or even cost-free equipment to help you recover from your injuries. If you are looking for the best Michigan lasik eye surgery clinic visit the Yaldo Eye Center today.

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