What is an Electric Hospital Bed?

A full electric hospital bed such as those featured below contain electric motors that can drop/raise the head, foot and height of the beds frame with the simple push of a button. Adjustable electric beds like these are great for anyone who requires an electric medical bed in their home or nursing facility. Fully electric hospital beds are equipped with adjustable foot and back systems to help patients achieve an anatomically correct sleep posture that is ideal or healing. 

A Full Electric Hospital Bed such as those below allow patients to easily manipulate the bed height to reach their desired setting without the aid of a nurse or caretaker. This makes transfers to and from a medical bed significantly less difficult and hassle-free.

Choosing The Right Electric Hospital Bed

There are several different lines of electric hospital beds that are available for use in a homecare setting. The two most popular lines of electric medical beds we carry are the Medline electric beds and the MedLite Electric Hospital Beds.

MedLite Electric Hospital Bed

MedLite Beds feature premium LinakTM motors (excluding MDR107000P) that provide smooth reliable operation. They also feature a recessed headspring support and foot assembly to reduce the chance of pinching and injuries to the user. The light weight of these beds make transporting them easier than ever.

MedLite beds smooth rolling casters make the beds easy to move. They feature an additional steel plate welded to the middle of the bed frame. The beds also include painted frames with enamel finish and a clear coat for a chip and scratch-resistant finish as well as plastic wood grain end panels and heavy-duty remotes that resist breakage and moisture. MedLite beds are easy to use and clean and come with a five year warranty.

Medline Electric Homecare Bed

The Medline lightweight beds are super easy to transport with a foot section that weighs just 42 lbs (19 kgs). They feature a DC motor box that snaps off quickly, making delivery, setup and routine maintenance easier than ever and a A 9V battery back up results in movement to the lowest bed position during power failures (batteries not included). The headspring support on all Medline Electric Hospital Beds is recessed to protect the user from pinching and injuries. The foot assembly on the beds have also been recessed to reduce chance of pinching.

The Medline beds below feature new and improved remotes with exceptionally large buttons for ease of use. The beds include 2 locking and 2 non-locking casters.

  • Height ranges: 15″-20″
  • MDR107003ELO has a height range of 9.5″-22.5″
  • Five year warranty on electronics and mechanical components
  • 100% System tested and certified
  • Full-electric and semi-electric beds available
Is a Full Electric Hospital Bed Right for You?
  • Comfort: If you are in need of a medical bed that is 100% hassle free and extremely easy to use, then a full electric bed is the ideal choice for you’re home, office, or nursing facility. Full Electric Hospital Beds fully eliminate the tiring and unnecessary physical labor that comes along with semi-electric or manual medical beds. We highly recommend the electric hospital beds below.
  • Mobility: If you or a loved once is experiencing a state of severely limited mobility, a full electric hospital bed is the best choice for you’re needs. Full electric beds can be raised up and down easily with the push of a button, which is extremely valuable for those who are injured or experiencing very limited mobility.
  • Assistance: If you are living at home or in a facility and do not have a caretaker available who can raise and lower your manual hospital bed for you, then a full electric bed such as those featured below is an essential piece of furniture for gaining freedom and independence.

Full Electric Hospital Bed Options


Semi-Electric Hospital Bed Options

recommended MATTRESS

We highly recommend using one of the mattresses below with your electric hospital bed. These mattresses and mattress overlays are designed to be utilized together with the beds above for maximum comfort and user safety.

Most Popular MAttresses

These are our most frequently purchased mattress overlays and pressure pads. Ideal for patient who require added support and comfort.


Accessories such as guard rails, bed tables, and trapeze bars are a common purchase with the beds and mattresses above. We highly recommend you take a look at the options below if you are looking to get maximum safety, comfort, and usability out of your new bed!